Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Never say never.....

Recently I did a series on Avenged Sevenfodl (A7X), looking for the epic themes of good and evil in their songs, and the undercurrent of biblical references, sometimes subtle, sometimes specific, in their lyrics. As I listened to each piece, prayed for the band members, and asked God for insight, I began to see that the saying "Where there is life there is yet hope" is profoundly true.

Right now is the sunshine, right now is the time for harvest. Jesus talked often about using His time well because when the sun fades, and darkness comes, no one will be able to work in the fields. During His three years of sunshine there were some amazing "Come to Jesus" events -- a Phoenician woman and a Roman centurion, both considered utterly unclean and beyond reach came to have faith stronger than even the disciples. Many lepers, paralyzed, lame, blind, deaf and dumb people were both physically and spiritually restored.

People who were considered the dregs of society, prostitutes, tax collectors (think Wall Street embezzlers for a modern-day corollary), convicted felons, scoff laws, and more all came to know Jesus as their friend, their Savior and their Lord.

Those whom the upstanding citizens and professional religious types considered to be beyond hope found their hope in Jesus. Those who were full of their own sense of importance and purity never knew they needed healing, so they rejected the Healer.

Today's incredible story of "Never say never" is found in Jeff Fenholt, who played the starring role in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and fronted the band "Black Sabbath."

I have one last album, A7X's summer release, to blog on. Beginning in December I'll blog on a song a day. To me, this is the essence of Thanksgiving -> Thanking God for life, real life, and that He never gives up on any of us so long as the sun shines.

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