Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Beatitudes: Meekness

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5)
Meekness is submission to God. When you submit to God, you end up rising above your circumstances. You want God so badly, and you are so aware of coming short, that you are able to take any help, any correction, any honest criticism that will help you to come closer to God and become more like Him.

You will submit to God’s will about anything. You are teachable, vulnerable, soft-hearted. You are eager to have others help you know your sin so that you can repent, turn away from it and enter into the joy of God’s cleansing and forgiveness. You don’t consider yourself as being better, or more important, than anyone else.

You fully expect to hear God’s voice from every believer. And you are eager to be a part of whatever God is doing. You don’t worry about failure because you know that all the successes will come from God anyway, and you will be able to enjoy them as much as everyone else.

You know that if you stumble, God will use even that to glorify Himself, and work out good for you and everyone else who loves Him. You enjoy giving your best, because you know God is going to take that and do something supernatural with it.

* When you know that you are desperately poor, and know that God has filled your empty spirit with His richness,

* When you have hurt so bad and care so much that your whole body aches with sorrow, and have received God’s deep, profound comfort, His forgiveness and acceptance, then you know better.

* When you are in a position of power in someone else’s life you have a choice. You can brag, lord it over them, have a temper tantrum, get all bossy.....

Or you can be gentle to them, loving, patient, wanting to help them, wanting their good.

The culture says: Express yourself, let it all hang out. Never mind if it’s right or wrong, if you feel good about it, then do it. Don’t get mad, get even. Give yourself a break, you deserve it. Look out for number one.

Jesus says, “Oh how serene and joyful, and experiencing God’s grace, is the person who is humble, who has submitted to God’s control, and is gentle with others, because all the earth will be theirs.”

Great leaders are meek, they have their place now, leading among the people God has given into their care, and they will have their place by Jesus side when He returns to rule the earth.

* Who has God given you to lead and care for? Would they describe you as meek?

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