Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By The Bethesda Pool: Get Up And Walk

Jesus didn’t offer to help the man get more comfortable!
--> He didn’t encourage him to hang in there, maybe he could get to the pool next time.

--> Jesus didn’t even offer to help the man get to the pool.

--> Instead Jesus told him, “Get up.”

I think the man must have been a little startled, right? He'd been lying down for 38 years, unable to do much of anything.
But Jesus’ voice had such compelling power the man got up, and lo and behold, those atrophied legs could hold him!
Before he could say a word, Jesus told him to pick up his mat, and then as he bent down to roll up the mat, Jesus said, “Walk,” and then melted away.

Get up: At the moment the man’s will agreed with the Lord’s will, the power was there and he got up.

You won’t know what Jesus can do for you until you obey His commands. What will you have to actually do this week to obey what Jesus is telling you to do? Do it. Go call that person, write that note, pay that debt, forgive that offense, stop that habit, refuse that temptation. Get up.

Pick up your mat: Make no provision for a relapse.

This man was healed, he didn’t need to save a place for himself at the pool anymore. There was no back door exit. He was committed now to a life of health, and he was taking responsibility for himself.

What mat will you have to roll up, tuck under your arm and walk away with? Whatever it is, get rid of it all, leave no safety hatch for yourself. Cut off any possibility of going back. Be public, tell someone about the new you and ask them to help you stay on course. Lose your spot at the Pool of Bethesda, because you’re not going to need it anymore.

Walk: Weak, feeble people are used to being carried.

We all need that sometimes, in fact scripture tells us to carry each other’s burdens. But this man had been healed of his particular weakness. It was time for him to walk on his own, and maybe one day be the strong one who could help carry others. Move forward, don’t stay in that place anymore.

In what way are you going to need to walk, this week, as part of your taking responsibility for yourself in this particular area of weakness, and not count on someone else to carry you in something the Lord has shown you, you need to do?

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