Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power Of Miracles

Miracles were real events that gave evidence of Jesus' authority. This was the established way God endorsed and empowered His prophets all throughout the Bible beginning with Moses.

People have more and more, through the intervening centuries, questioned the actuality of miracles or have tried to explain them away with scientific reasoning. But the most spectacular miracle of all is also the easiest one to prove: the resurrection (more on this when we get to that part in the gospels).

So if something like the resurrection is possible, then the other miracles would be easy. The real question is: Is God that powerful? Is He for real? Can He and does He interact in supernatural, physically discernible ways with our world? Miracles, signs and wonders, from the burning bush to the resurrection give an emphatic "yes"!

The Lord Jesus' ability to perform such powerful signs pays testimony to His unique union with God. As Jesus Himself pointed out, if his power is not from Satan, then it must be from the "finger of God"(as witnessed by Pharaoh's magicians, Moses, the Babylonian king's court with the prophet Daniel and Luke)

Miracles are also demonstrations of a deeper reality. God doesn't cause a miracle to occur just to impress. Miracles are intended to illustrate something more important.

Casting out demons and healing the sick illustrated the reality of God's power over corruption and death. One day He will restore all things to the health and wholeness, the spiritual purity and beauty He intended.

Finally, miracles reveal "the deep cosmic struggle between the forces of evil and Jesus." In casting out demons Jesus showed His complete authority and power over evil and its forces. There is no contest! What struggle with evil are you involved in right now? How willing are you to trust the Lord Jesus with it and ask Him to demonstrate His power over your situation?

By overcoming evil and restoring those who were sick, Jesus proved He has the key to life. He has the authority and the awesome, supernatural power to speak confidently about God's rule, and of His kingdom.

The gathering crowds already knew that Jesus was an amazing teacher, that He taught with authority, unlike the other scribes and teachers of the law. He did not rely on past interpretations. Jesus spoke directly about God and His will. And there was more to Jesus' authority than His ability to preach the Word; He could show the presence of God's power.

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