Monday, April 18, 2011

Jesus Ministering Throughout A Long And Full Sabbath

Jesus' power is not limited to driving out demons. He also has authority over every disease, and over life itself. All the Lord Jesus had to do was rebuke the fever, displaying His power and authority once again. The effects of His command were immediate. Peter's mother-in-law was instantly well, filled with energy and gratitude.

As the Sabbath wore on, Jesus continued to heal without a break. There were so many people with their sick and ailing, and the demon-possessed, shrieking and flailing, and the bustling, crowding activity, that there was no longer even standing room within Peter's house -- people were pressing each other outside the door, for
"...the whole city was gathered together at the door" [Mark 1:33]
Jesus showed that His power and authority were not flukes, not coincidences, not luck, but a steady flowing stream of healing and liberation. He gave of Himself completely to all those in need, fighting evil with love and compassion, as
"He laid his hands on every one of them healing them all" [Luke 4:40]
In what area of your life do you need Jesus' overflowing mercy, love and compassion to bring healing and liberation? All you need to do is come to Him in your need, believe in His power and authority, and receive His healing touch.

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