Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Witness to the Word: Rebirth

The rebirth experience takes place deep in the human spirit, God accomplishes this miracle.

It’s not something you or I can do, and you may not even feel it happening. A mother does not feel the moment when a baby is first formed deep inside her, and yet there that baby is, tiny and growing.

New life has begun, and God knows the moment. He nurtures that new life and is in charge of its growth, and with that life comes light, the ability to understand God’s revelation of Himself, in the world around you and in the Bible
Jesus gives His life to all who receive Him and believe in His name
If you are recognizing that God has brought you to a place of decision, don’t worry about what you’re supposed to say, or how you’re supposed to act. Just talk to God, find some time to be alone with God and tell Him what’s on your mind and in your heart. Tell Him you realize you need to make a decision and you’re ready to receive Him into your life.

God will hear you, and He will act. He’ll do all the work of bringing you into new life.

In time, and by God’s generous, undeserved love, that new life will change you and mold you into the likeness of Christ Himself. It is a growth process that takes time and patience. You and I don’t suddenly, magically become perfect. You and I grow after our rebirth just like babies grow after being born; God designed us that way.

Just as God sent John the Baptist as a witness to prepare people to understand and apprehend the light, so you are going to find that God has done a lot of work beforehand before He brought you to this moment. When you look back now, you will see all the places where God was at work preparing you.

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