Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Eternal Word: Light Overcomes Darkness

It’s hard for us to accept that we live in a world of darkness. Think of all the scientific advancements, of our great social and technological progress. Think of all the great things we’ve done just in the last two hundred years.

But if we’re honest we have to admit that regardless of all of our impressive advances, we have not changed basic human problems of fear, hate, violence, injustice and crime.

The light is intellectually the truth and morally holiness, which is contrasted to the darkness of intellectual error, and moral wrong doing.

John was not suggesting that the whole activity of life is the fight between light and darkness. This isn’t yin and yang. What he was saying is that light will not ever be overcome by darkness – it’s the nature of light to always penetrate darkness, light can not be taken hold of, or even understood by darkness.

So in these opening lines John introduces an incredible mystery: this carpenter from Nazareth is not only a man but God Himself.

* The Creator had become a part of His own creation.

* The source of deepest wisdom had limited Himself to being born as a baby and learning as a little child.

* The origin of life and light was going to submit Himself to death and the darkness of a grave.
Everything in the universe owes its life to God, including you and me
Have you felt that your life is your own, that you can make decisions about your life, without bringing God into it?

Or are you seeking to know God, to know what He wants?

What areas of your life might still be shrouded in darkness?

How willing are you to let Jesus’ light pierce the darkness?

How determined are you to make the most of your opportunity to study God, and to study His word?

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