Friday, January 28, 2011

Temptation of Christ: Deliverance From Sin

When God offers salvation, He is offering us deliverance from sin in three ways.

1) The first way is a one time act of being saved from the penalty of sin. Sin will always earn death. By believing in Jesus and having His righteousness settle our accounts with God, we are now forgiven sinners, the penalty of death is now paid for, for all time.

2) The second way God delivers us from sin has a future tense, when we will finally be made entirely clean from the presence of sin. God says that we will one day see Jesus as He is because we will be just like Him, glorified, purified from all sin.

3) The third way God delivers us from sin is in the present tense, from the power of sin. This is accomplished in every believer's life the same way it was accomplished in Jesus' life:
Through belief in God's word, trust in the power of the Holy Spirit working together with your obedience to God.
You now have the freedom, the power, to choose not to sin. Before you and I were saved, we were slaves to sin, but now we can make a choice not to sin, it is not our master any more.

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