Sunday, January 16, 2011

John the Baptist: Sanhedrin Satisfied

After making sure John the Baptist didn’t have any illusions of self- importance, the Sanhedrin delegation considered their job done. They didn’t really want to know who the Messiah was.

John knew who he was and who he wasn’t.

He wasn’t somebody important with a reputation and a power base to protect. He was God’s servant, called to make everyone ready for the Messiah, for God Himself.

John didn’t have any illusions about his importance. I had to ask myself, how humble of a position am I willing to take in order to show my devotion to Jesus?
*Would I serve an enemy?
*Would I allow myself to be wronged and extend kindness and forgiveness instead of what I have a right to, or defending myself?

Because of his confidence in God and his humility, John couldn’t be intimidated, and he wasn’t worried about being embarrassed. Instead he was bold and spoke the simple truth.

If you are a believer, how well do you know who you are in Christ? How deeply do you identify with being God’s child, a free person, profoundly alive, filled with God’s Spirit? How deeply do you identify with being God’s servant, commissioned by Him to tell the people around you about Messiah?
Knowing who you are makes you ready to talk about who Jesus is
An honest life story that highlights God’s glory will draw attention to God, and not to myself. You and I are not the final authorities on spiritual things, we are witnesses to the final authority, Jesus Christ. We aren’t the light, we reflect the light and point to the source, Jesus.

How often do you and I make sure that God gets the honor He should have in the stories we tell about our lives?

In what ways have you and I arranged our lives to point to the goodness of God, to the forgiveness of Jesus?

In fact how often do you and I say we are seeing Jesus when we see Him?

How much confidence do you have in the reality of Jesus to pray with confidence for someone who doesn’t believe in Him, or to talk about Jesus’ part in your life stories?

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