Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Fire In My Bones" by J. Lee Grady (John)

There would be no Christmas story without the Holy Spirit’s power.

Even the baby John was filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother’s womb (see Luke 1:13-17). This was an exceptional miracle — I’ve never met a baby who was filled with the Spirit! But because John’s task was so great — to call a wayward Israel to repentance and prepare the way for Jesus — he required exceptional power.

John reminds me that if I am to attempt any task for God, I must do it in the power of the Spirit. I cannot just come up with a good idea and ask God to bless it. It must be God’s idea, and it must be soaked in the Holy Spirit’s anointing from the moment of conception!

[I am indebted to J. Lee Grady for the above, published in Charisma Magazine]

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  1. OUR GOD

    A trinity is our God:
    The heart, the body and the blood.
    As Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    God will and pleasure will exhibit.



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