Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Prayer God Will Always Say Yes To (seventh in a series of ten)

Today’s prayer is about answering the question: Why am I here, anyway? I’m sure you’ve heard people say everybody is special. Parents say it, teachers say it, pastors say it. Everybody is unique. And some people really are special – famous people, powerful people, rich people, Nobel prize winning people. But what about regular people? What about people like you and me? Are we special? What are we here, for

The stock answer is that we’re special because we’re made in God’s image, and we’re here to love and enjoy God, and that’s a good, solid answer. But....deep down, do you still wonder why you, personally, are here, and what is it that makes you special, if anything?

Think back to your conception. Can’t remember that far back? I’ll help you out. In that moment five hundred million sperm were competing for entrance into the egg. Only one sperm got in, then the way in was permanently sealed, and all those other sperm died. Think about it. You won a race with a five hundred million to one long shot. Not only that, your conception had only about a four day window to happen. So many babies never make it to term; in fact only about one in four do in this country. But incredibly, you made it. Statistically, your presence on this planet is a downright miracle.

No matter how many bad things have happened in your life, no matter how much suffering you’ve had to endure, no matter how many problems you’ve got stacked up right now, no matter how low of an opinion you have about yourself, you need to see this. You came into this world a champion. Your first day was a victory.

But it wasn’t an accident. Throughout scripture it’s clear that God had each person in mind even before the creation of the world. He planned you and chose you, personally, before the world began. God said no to all those other hundreds of millions of potential people so He could have you instead. And when He said yes to you, He said yes to everything about you. Your personality, the circumstances of your life, your looks...everything. You are handpicked. The question is, why?

Because God has a particular mission for you. There is something waiting for you that only you can accomplish. God designed you for this very purpose. It could be something big. Or small. Something splashy. Or hidden. It could be someone you will influence. It could be one dramatic event, or it could be a long series of events. Whatever it is, it will be profoundly important to the life of this world, and fulfilling to you

I’m not talking about realizing your dream. Your dream and God’s destiny may not be the same thing. But God knows the deepest desires of your heart. He knows what will give you the greatest pleasure and the most profound happiness. So as you dream and hope and plan, remember that God has something He’s planned for you since before the beginning of time.

So how do you find out what that something is? Ask Him “God, please show me my destiny.” Probably you’re not going to get a telegram. Much more likely, God will lead you to your destiny one step at a time. The process will shape you and make you ready for your destiny, as God molds you into the person you need to be to fulfill what He has planned for you.

When you pray “God, please show me my destiny,” you will begin to see situations differently. During one of those icky confrontation situations, you will be asking “What is God’s will for me in this? How will I glorify Him and influence this person for good?” During scary situations you will be asking “What is God’s mission for me in this? How will I magnify His name?” For situations that feel tedious or boring you will ask “What important thing has God hidden here for me, as I fulfill His purposes?”

This prayer takes patience, and perseverance. It takes courage and faith. But if you are willing to pray it, and do what God shows you, there will be no regrets when you come to the end of your life. You will know that you gave God the honor that was due Him, and fulfilled the destiny for which you were created from all eternity.

And even then, even after you’ve breathed your last breath, and your heart stops beating, even then the great adventure will not be over. Because when you open your eyes again, the One Who gave you life will say the words you’ve been longing to hear, that will give you a happiness far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, “Well done, good and faithful servant...enter into the joy of your Lord.”


These thoughts on prayer are taken from the Catholic author Anthony DeStefano's delightful book, "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers To Life's Most Difficult Problems."

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