Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How many of you have had to be a boss – I don’t mean being the boss of your children, or being the oldest in your family growing up, how many of you heard that special phrase “You’re not the boss of me!” growing up? Often businesses will reward people who work hard and get a lot done by making them managers. Getting work done is task-oriented. But managing is people-oriented. That’s a big stretch!

One way managers and leaders try to corral human behavior is with rules, and I’ve come across a few crazy laws this past week:
• You’re not allowed to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Alabama
• It’s forbidden to walk around in Lawrence, Kansas, carrying bees in your hat
• It is unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor in Denver
• Nobody is allowed sing in your bathtub in Pennsylvania

Every state has crazy laws because people are creative, and sin abounds!

Lots of bosses find themselves at a loss in how to get the work done, meet the deadlines, produce what’s asked of them and at the same time manage others well, bring out the best in the individuals that work for them, keep the work atmosphere healthy, and, yes, “bear the sword,” commend, but also punish, promote but also fire.

Have any of you had to fire someone? Think of what that must feel like for the boss – how many of us actually enjoy confrontation, or telling someone they’re performing so poorly they have to go?

You know how hard it is to keep law and order at home, just think of you were a police officer! You know how hard it is to adjudicate between two angry friends, or two angry children. What would it be like to be a judge? What would it be like having to make decisions that will affect a whole nation?

As soon as you are a boss you become the focus of all the people who work for you. You’re out there, public access, you can’t hide now. People will feel free to form opinions about you, not just how you are as a boss, but who you are as a person, everything will come under scrutiny. And people will feel free to share their opinions of you with each other. We’ve actually made it a national pastime to scrutinize every tiny detail of our public figures, really highlighting all the flaws and weak spots, all the indiscretions and transgressions, have you noticed that? What a price to pay for agreeing to lead.

As you read your newspaper, drink your coffee, and debrief the air on what a lousy job our government is doing, pray with compassion for our leaders and governing authorities, God has appointed them to a high calling and a hard job!

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  1. Joanne - Was reading your entry on atonement and wanted to thank you. God recently has been taking me on a 'pondering' into the peaceful coexistence of the so called antithetical statements in the Bible.
    Not being a very 'heady' person, it has been requiring me to restructure how I think, but more importantly how I have been acting on these in my daily life. So far it has been broadening beyond belief but is requiring a lot of faith to put feet on them. Was thinking about the penal vs union you brought up and have been convicted that once again I have to take the 'vs' out of it before I ponder it so that I can act upon it as a whole - not just to turn it around and around to land until I land on another belief. I love this process! God is such an amazing teacher and so able to bring things out of the mind and into the actions.
    Just wanted to thank you for bringing another one to the forefront to put into my 'ponderings'. Keep em coming....

  2. Also - amen to the above post on being a boss. You have spoken about the things bosses tend to keep hidden in their hearts. I appreciate very much and was greatly encouraged by these thoughts being articulated.
    Love ya, Connie


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